Services - Home Maintenance

Let Us Take Care Of Your Home Maintenance Needs

Along with the rest of our property management skills, Somebody Who Cares Inc offers excellent services for property maintenance perfect for your home. All home maintenance services are undertaken by qualified experts, enabling you to upgrade your living area and keep it in flawless conditions. Home maintenance with us is easy and affordable.


For certainty and peace of mind with all your home maintenance needs, call Somebody Who Cares Inc on (970) 389-0367.


House MaintenanceOur home maintenance service includes:


  • Weekly security and mechanical checks
  • Year round hot tub maintenance
  • Mechanical checks of your property
  • Deck shoveling in the winter
  • Snow plowing and more


Somebody Who Cares Inc is proactive in maintaining the life and condition of your property before you have to call for service repairs. Our friendly attitude and exceptional skills have helped us build a successful property mamagement company on word-of-mouth and referrals. Our goal in safeguarding your home is to protect your loved ones from hidden dangers, preserve its long term value and save you thousands of dollars because you chose the most relaible general contractor and one of the best mechanical contractors in Dillon, Colorado. We provide also a professional home theater service to enjoy movies, television, games, and music in ultra splendor.


We know that regular upkeep and maintenance of your home can be time consuming for your busy schedule. Even if you regularly change your light bulbs, AC filters and smoke detector batteries, you may not be checking for internal issues such as loose light fixtures, bad wires, poor railing or a dirty coil in your AC system.


Whether you need a hot tub maintenance or weekly security checks of your property or son’s apartment, call us for help. Choosing us as a partner in your home maintenance ensures a level of quality, professionalism and attentiveness you won’t find anywhere else in Dillon, Colorado.


All Work Guaranteed!