What is included in your security checks?
Every week we do a thorough inspection of your home including: flushing toilets, running faucets, checking doors and windows, checking under sinks and behind toilets for leaks and inspection of your mechanical systems. In winter months we keep a close eye on the roof for any evidence of ice dams or extreme snow loads.

How do you respond to security alarms?
We are the first response to alarms, low-temp etc. We have worked with all of the major alarm companies in the county. If we see something in your home that needs attention, we would always contact you prior to making adjustments.

What is included in your snow removal service?
In the winter months (November - April), we plow the driveway and shovel in front of the garage door and the walkway to the front door. Additional shoveling (i.e. decks, hot tub areas) is billed at an additional cost and by request only. We also have a skid steer to remove snow should we have snowfall in excess of average. This would be at an additional cost as well.

Do you offer cleaning services?
Yes, we do. We do all housekeeping in-house for the protection of your home. We are fully insured and bonded for this service. With over 25 years of professional experience we can keep your home in beautiful shape! This services would be at an additional cost above our monthly fee and would need to be arranged in advance.

Would you open and close our home for guests or family?
Before either you or your guests arrive at your home, we leave a light on, turn up the heat, disarm alarm, etc. And upon departure we go by to make sure the house is secured.

I would like to send out furniture and other items to my mountain home. Could we send them to you for placement in our home? If you see something in a catalog or store that you would like to have in your Summit County home, you can ship the item directly to us and we will bring it promptly to your mountain home.

Can you arrange for painting or other repairs?
Yes, we can even over see any project you have as your General Contractor.